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Sprague Theobald, author, filmmaker, actor

slide-emmyEmmy No. 1:

In 1985 Sprague Theobald won his first Emmy for the documentary “The 25th Defense; The End of An Era.” This 58-minute film took a close look at the historic America’s Cup races of 1983. During this event, Australia broke sport’s longest winning streak, 132 years, by defeating the United States in the “best of seven” race series.  From over 300-hours of race footage, interviews and historic footage, a 58-minute film was created. The Emmy winning result, depicts the tremendous dedication and passion various countries must posses to enter this “Super Bowl of Sailing.” The film also examines the race-by-race elimination series. This includes Australia, Canada, France and Italy and all they had to endure during the summer of 1981 to win the right to challenge the Americans, the holders of the America’s Cup since 1851.

slide-emmyEMMY No. 2:

Sprague Theobald was awarded his second Emmy for the documentary “The Other Side of The Ice.” In the summer of 2009, a small crew, which included Theobald, his son and two step-children, took a 57′ trawler, Bagan, on a riveting journey north. The expedition traveled from Newport, RI, up through the Arctic’s infamous Northwest Passage and down through the Bering Sea.  It concluded in Seattle, WA. By completing the 8,500 miles, five-month trip, Bagan became the first production powerboat in history to find and transit the Passage. Adding to the journey was the backstory of this remarkable feat. Sprague Theobald divorced 15-years prior and the trip marked the first time the explorer/filmmaker reunited with his children. The ensuing 77-minute documentary not only depicts the tragic and brutal history of those who’d previously attempted the trek—since the days of Columbus hundreds have died in search of this “Arctic Grail”—but also accentuates the inner workings of a family trying to reconnect.  With coverage both atop and under the ice “The Other Side of The Ice” contains stunning, raw footage of one of the most pristine yet treacherous areas on our planet.

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