International Family Film Festival AwardSprague is extremely honored to announce that last night ‘The Other Side of the The Ice’ was awarded “Best Cinematography In A Feature Documentary” by the International Family Film Festival in Los Angeles. Event pictures to follow.

International Family Film FestivalSprague’s very pleased and honored to announce that his documentary, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ICE, has just been officially selected to be in the International Family Film Festival this November 7th – 9th in Los Angeles. To learn more about screening and appearance times please visit the festival’s web site.

Iindexn March of 2015, Sprague will be taking his cameras down to Tierra del Fuego as he cruises the Beagle Channel and attempts to round the infamous Cape Horn with Skip Novack aboard the 77’ sloop Pelagic Australis. Please check back for update.

Sprague has just signed aboard Abercrombie & Kent’s 466’ ship Le Boreal for its maiden voyage into the Arctic’s Northwest Passage the summer of 2015. While aboard he’ll be offering various lectures on the Passage as well as serving in an advisory role for the ship’s navigation. Learn more.

Outside Magazine recently asked Sprague a few questions and got back some very candid answers. Read the interview

Sprague Theobald in the Huffington Post, How a Death-Defying Sea Voyage Helped Mend the Relationship with my Kids that Divorce Destroyed. Read the full article

Sprague recently had a chance to talk about his dyslexia with Dr. Michael Hart and how it has affected his life. Listen to the podcast

The Guardian Liberty Voice has a wonderful interview with Sprague discussing the trip and his hopes and fears for the Arctic. Read the interview

Sprague was a recent guest on “Online With Andrea” and not only discussed the Northwest Passage trip but the future of the Arctic as well. Click here to listen

Power Boating Canada has taken great interest in all things, The Other Side of The Ice Read article

The Wall Street Journal wants to learn just how deadly the Arctic ice can be. Watch video

On January 6th, Sprague sat down with anchor Debby Turner Bell of Arise-TV to discuss the dangers of ice in the Arctic. Watch Video

Dyslexia Training Institute Blog highlights Sprague: “An up-close and personal visit with award winning author and Emmy award winning producer, Sprague Theobald.” You can also listen to the interview on BlogTalkRadio

Travel + Leisure magazine recently took a few minutes to talk with Sprague about “The Other Side of The Ice”

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The New Yorker talks about Sprague’s book, “The Other Side of The Ice”

Sail Magazine recently had some wonderful things to say about both the book and dcoumnatary of The Other Side of The Ice.

The CBS affiliate, KTXS-TV, aired “The Other Side of The Ice” on April 6th.

On February 7, The Weather Channel aired a three minute story they produced on Sprague’s NWP trip. Hard to whittle five months down to three minuets but they did a great job.

Click here to watch

Listen to Sprague on NPR WVTF (Virginia).

c-ville selects The Other Side of the Ice film as an ARTS PICK. Read the article

Listen to Sprague on NPR: WGVU (Michigan) | Good Books Radio

The Other Side of the Ice will be available in audio format from Audible. Stay tuned for more information.

Adventures of the Alpha Wife reviews The Other side of the Ice, noting that:
“Sprague paints a vivid and honest picture of his relationship with his kids.  He doesn’t shirk from responsibility or blame the kids’ mother – he steps up and owns his mistakes and says, more than once, that he wishes he’d been around more.  As a parent, these stories pull at my heartstrings – there are some things that you just cannot undo, and Sprague realizes this,  making a point of living in the moment and fixing what he can and moving forward.  Much of the story almost reads as an apology to his children, yet remains hopeful about what the future may hold.  There is a lot of history and many back stories, and somehow these all seem to come together seamlessly. Read full review.


“Arctic Adventures”
Theobald says that the aim of the trip was to “not only travel to and through The Passage and document it, but to meet the denizens of the area, find out about their lives above the Arctic Circle, and learn how recent climate changes have affected them.” Read full article
—Blue Water Sailing, January 2010

“Heading for the Arctic”
“This dream came to fruition at the start of 2008. Despite funding that was here today/gone today, one month led to another, crew fell into place, wild ideas seemed plausible and at 11:15 a.m. one overcast morning I watched the Castle Hill Lighthouse pass by our port side as we headed north in search of that arctic grail.” Read full article
Motorboating, September 2009

“Into the Passage”
In “normal” cruising, one has the luxury of simply waiting. Unfortunately, this trip/expedition/documentary bared little relation to the word “normal.” As we were discovering, a trip to and hopeful transit through the North-west Passage defies traditional cruising definitions. Read full article
Motorboating,  October 2009

“Mission Accomplished”
After being trapped for a few terrifying days, Sprague Theobald and his crew on his Nordhavn 57 break through the ice and complete their epic journey across the Northwest Passage. Read full article
Motorboating,  November/December 2009

“Journey Home”
Sprague Theobald earned cruising fame when he and his crew made it through the Northwest Passage, yet he’s surprised by what he really learned in the process. Read full article
Motorboating, January 2010

“Canada’s Northwest Passage: The Ultimate Cool Cruise”
Sprague Theobald, owner of the 57-foot Nordhavn, scanned the horizon from his post at the pilothouse helm, hoping to find an opening in the ice field that had trapped the yacht and was pushing her slowly toward a rocky shore. Other crew members were on deck, searching for open water through which they could escape the mass of ice. There seemed to be no way out. Theobald feared for his crew, which included several family members. He also feared for his boat, and for his dream of transiting the fabled Northwest Passage and creating a documentary that would share the adventure with many. Read full article
—PassageMaker, January/February 2011

“Into the Great Wide Open”
Last summer, documentary filmmaker Sprague Theobald ’74 set out on a personal quest to witness firsthand the effects of global warming in the Arctic. Amid the icy waters of the fabled Northwest Passage, he discovered much more than polar bears and icebergs, unearthing a taste of what makes the world’s northernmost region such a disputed global hot spot. Read full article
—The Magazine of Roger Williams University, Summer 2010

“Crowning Achievement”
“It really hasn’t dawned on me yet what I as a person did,” says Theobald. “I could stand back and see that the boat and the crew did it but as far as taking a deep breath and saying what an accomplishment, it really hasn’t hit me. It’s hard because I’m still up there in so many ways, looking at the footage daily and working with it. It really did affect me in ways that I didn’t expect. And I think the bottom line is how lucky we were: First, to be able to do it, and second, to get through it.” Read full article
—Yachting Magazine,  August 2010